Our Culture

Our ‘Employee Focus’ approach strives to create a happy environment for employees as we look at becoming an integral part of the development of a New Bharat through our AGILE operating model, advanced analytics and next-generation technology platforms for better transparency.

We try to provide an equal-opportunity environment to our employees, a platform for continuous development & opportunities to advance their career across our organization so they develop an emotional commitment to the company and “go the extra mile” to leverage organizational goals.

Rewards & Recognition

At PFSS, the culture of encouragement, growth and celebration resonates in every action across every location. With an array of R&R platforms, you will never be out of place or out of choice to feature in one if you are ready to rise and shine!

We recognize performance shouldered with integrity, dedication and perseverance. We believe that merit has no colour, gender, caste or creed. We don’t limit our celebration to our office premises, but extend it to family and friends!

It is this spirit and culture of celebrating excellence that metamorphoses new entrants into leaders of tomorrow.

Champions Day

A day dedicated to celebrating the exceptional performance of our Champions Club qualifiers!

Our exclusive loyalty programme for employees is very popular. This programme has four levels and each level offers exciting opportunities to earn and celebrate. After all, celebrating success is a way of life@PFSS!

Champions Day is celebrated to further recognise and celebrate excellence of our Champions Club qualifiers.

Over 1000 RMs were felicitated across Branches this April!!!

Pragati Program

To achieve our goal of helping the underserved & unserved customers of Bharat achieve their dreams, we need quality talent that will propel us in the right direction and will focus on both strategy and execution. We believe that our greatest talent pool lies within our organization. Our people understand our business, our products and our processes – who better to take on bigger roles to help the business grow?

This is why we open roles for upward movement for the People of Piramal, through our career advancement program called Pragati.

I got the chance to participate in PRAGATI Program conducted by Piramal Capital & Housing Finance and got promoted to Branch Operation Manager. I am very thankful to all my Seniors for their unconditional support and for providing a healthy work culture for us.

Sumit, Operations

I started my journey with Piramal from March 2019 and I got a promotion as a DSA Branch Sales Manager (In Pragati Program). I got my promotion on the basis of my performance, collaboration & customer-oriented behaviour. After getting promoted, I crossed my target by 250% month on month.

Vishwajeet, DSA

PFSS has provided me with a great opportunity to use my knowledge in the business which has led to career growth. Having reached all my targets and having done good business, I got promoted under the Pragati programme.

Srinivasa, Relationship Manager

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